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Artists have flocked to Key West for decades. I don’t know if it’s something in the water of the southern most island or the free flowing, anything goes vibe. Could be the heat, could be the rum, but something wears down ones inhibitions and forces the creative juices to the surface. Whatever the reason, Key Crazy is a place to let your creative side shine.

By no means do I qualify myself as an artist, and lord knows I can’t sing or play an instrument. But I did spend quite a few hours staggering around Key West shooting pictures, and when you fire off hundreds and hundreds of shots you’re bound to get a couple good ones. Below are a few shots that I tried to be creative with. If you like them feel free to pin them on Pinterest. If you think they suck, tell me. I’ll drink a Corona to get over the pain.

Key West Photos

Mallory Square Key West

Mallory Square Key West

Key West Ship

Key West Ship

Southern Most Mansion Key West

Key West

Ahhh Key West. Even if you’re an analytical straight shooter without a creative bone if you’re body, this island will still find a way to inspire. It’s a special place.

Have a great weekend Castaways!

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