Pirate Sessions Island State of Mind

My favorite song on the new Pirate Sessions album is easily Island State of Mind. Its free flowing lyrics echo days of relaxing with a glass full of the island lifestyle. Rum filled drinks, bikini clad sun kissed beauties and spending time in an island state of mind, isn’t that the goal of every Castaway? This song definitely takes you there.

Key West, a place where it’s nearly impossible not to be in an island state of mind, put on its 17th annual Songwriters Festival a couple weeks ago. Over a hundred artist played on the island, but watching The Pirate Sessions perform on the Fury catamaran was the highlight of the 5 day music binge. At least it was for this self proclaimed scallywag.

The boat filled up, the band set up their equipment and the free beer, margaritas and wine flowed freely. Wouldn’t be much of a pirate party ship if it didn’t right? I picked out a good spot to set up shop and started shooting as the boat began its lazy jaunt out of the marina. What the camera caught was the bands first song, a cover of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds that transitioned into their new Island State Of Mind. Five minutes in and the entire boat could tell this was going to be a kick as time with a rocking band, beautiful views and cold drinks.

Island State Of Mind – The Pirate Sessions

The guys put on a great show the entire night, and Hollywood couldn’t have created a better sunset. As the sky grew dark the music grew loud. People danced, people sang and every soul aboard was most certainly in an…island state of mind.

Pirate Sessions Island State of Mind

You can download the new Pirate Sessions album here.
The Pirate Sessions - Jesse Rice


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