The Bahamas, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, Cabo, Margaritaville, Rome and the French Rivera; which of these place doesn’t quite fit? You might think the two European spots seem a little off the reservation here but you’d be wrong. Truth is they are all related. They are all spots where the island lifestyle is being represented by passionate Castaways traveling the world.

In this addition of “Castaways In the Wild” we get to see some amazing shots from all around the world. Just like the the photo above, sent in by Mike and Rebecca Sweeney of Zero To Cruising from a beach on beautiful Antigua. Love it!

Buffett got it right when he said Margaritaville is anywhere you want it to be. The same goes for the island loving, boat drink consuming Castaway. It’s a state of mind you take with you everywhere you go. That’s what the folks below have done. They are living in the “right” state of mind.

Castaway koozie Cabo

Rich L. doing it right in Cabo.


Castaway Hat

Lorrie D. bringing the island spirit to Rome!


Castaway hat

Lorrie D cruising the Med.

Castaway Hat

Lorrie D. enjoying a cold one in the French Riviera.

Castaway Koozie

Laura S. keeping her Kalik cold on Grand Bahama.

Castaway Hat