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You’ve walked Duval until you’re feet hurt, partied at Irish Kevin’s until you forgot your name and sunk your face into Blue Heaven’s famous Key Lime Pie, now it’s time to catch your ride back to the real world. Leaving Key West is always a hard thing to do. Seems like that crazy island knows how to set its hooks deep into people. But when your transportation back to the real world is the Key West Express, leaving can be something you look forward to.

The Key West Express ferry departs Key West at 6pm and heads North through the Gulf of Mexico to Fort Myers. During this trip you’ll get to relax in the air conditioned cabin or let the sea breeze blow across your skin on the top decks. It’s a relaxing way to travel.

By far the best part of this trip to Fort Myers is the show mother nature puts on. Gaze port side and you’ll see the sun slowly climb down from its perch and slip into the Gulf waters. The sky glows, the water sparkles and passengers filter to the top deck for the best viewing. Couples have strangers take their photo, people fight for railing space and all of this happens at an ocean skimming 26 knots or so. It’s quite an experience, one that makes leaving Key West just a little easier.

Here are a few photos I snapped a couple weeks ago on my way back from the Key West Songwriters Festival.

Key West Express sunset

Key West Express sunset

Key West Express sunset

Key West Express Sunset

Key West Express Sunset

Key West Express Sunset

Scary thing is these photos can’t even hold a candle to the real deal.

If you want a chance to see this show for yourself, hop on the boat with me this September for the Conched in Key West Charity Bar Crawl. We’ll take the boat down on Friday the 21st and the bar crawl happens on the 22nd. Email me if you have questions or would like ticket information.

The Key West Express has a saying, getting there is half the fun, and I would have to agree. I’d like to add though, that leaving isn’t to shabby either.

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