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Castaways, please welcome the newest advertiser to the RSR family–Tiki Time Trading Company.

Tiki Time Trading Company is all about spending time on the water and getting away from the grind. Just like all of us Castaways. I’m very selective on which companies are allowed to advertising on RSR. I turn down many companies that I don’t think are a good match for our audience. Tiki Time Trading Co. fits the bill nicely though. Let’s find out a little more about them shall we.


Tiki Time Trading Co. as you will come to know us is a new venture between a group of friends. We share a passion for spending time on the water and indulging in alcoholic beverages. We call Northeast Ohio home, so we only get a few great months a year to explore the bars and ports of Lake Erie on our boats. Our hopes are that enough of you will like what you see to help us to do more “research” in warmer climates during the winter months.

tiki time trading co

The goal of Tiki Time Trading Co. is to make people smile when they see one of our products. If you like drinking in the sun on your boat or in the sand then check us out. We will be adding new designs and products regularly!

Tiki Time hats


Please click over to the Tiki Time website and see what they have. I have my eye on the long sleeve white T with the tiki guy on the side. No, it doesn’t get cold here very often to wear long sleeves, but the design speaks to my inner tiki.


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caribbean discounts