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Traveling solo. Those words don’t conjure up images of fun and excitement normally, but in reality traveling by yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Island Windjammers, the cruise line that is based out of Grenada and runs the 101 foot Diamant up and down the Grenadine Islands is offering solo trips for its passengers. Special cruise dates that fill the cabins with adventurous island loving solo travelers.

I was a solo traveler with Island Windjammers last November and came away from the experience with a new found love of exploration and a lot of new friends. Their ship, the Diamant, being a relatively small sailing vessel puts you in close quarters with your fellow passengers and crew to where you can’t help but becoming friends. You’re sharing an amazing sailing experience with these people and the connection you form with them will be as strong as the anchor chain.

Another interesting thing I realized is that I found myself doing was really exploring the islands. When normally if with family or friends I would crack open a cold Carib and lime away on the beach all day, traveling solo I found myself hiking up hill t0ps, climbing boulders and walking the sidewalks of charming Caribbean towns wondering what it would be like to live there. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of beach time, but also a lot of “you” time.

You can read about my trip with Island Windjammers here, here and here.

If you’d like to try your hand at traveling solo and sailing through one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean, here are the dates for the Island Windjammers solo cruise. Of course you can travel solo anytime aboard the Diamant, but these are the specialized cruises for solo travelers. You can find more information on there website as well –

6 Night Cruises

October 5 – 11 (solo female)
October 19 – 25 (solo male)
October 26 – November 1 (solo male)
December 21 – 27 (solo male)
December 28 – January 3 (solo male)

Extended Cruises

July 8 – 18 Tempting Ten Cruise (solo male)
August 17 – 30 Thirteen Day Explorer Cruise (solo female)

Island Windjammers

Sailing aboard the Diamant was definitely one of the highlights of my Caribbean travels. One I would do again in a heartbeat. Have you sailed with Island Windjammers? Did you fall in love with the islands, the ship and the crew as I did?

Cheers to those adventurous solo travelers.


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