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Pirate ship! Run. Hide.

Don’t go jumping ship yet, the pirates aboard this boat strum guitars instead of thrusting swords. Jesse Rice and the Pirate Session gang came to the southern most rock to play for the 2012 Key West Songwriters Festival. Sailing through waters once frequented by pirates while listening to a group called Pirate Sessions sing about pirates is quite an experience. Pirate overload? Nah, not when enjoying a little Key West Time.

The Fury catamaran slowly slipped past Mallory Square and headed out into open water. The band was getting warmed up and so was the crowd. Speaking of getting warmed, I noticed my beer had been empty for far to long. The beer guy passed in front of me with a full pitch of golden goodness and just kept walking, even as I had my cup out stretched. Now I know the boat was filled with beautiful women with their sundresses blowing in the sea breeze but come on man, fill a brother up. He walked by twice like that even with me saying, “beer man, right here, dude!” He was lucky he stopped the third time around because someone was going overboard. Don’t mess with a pirate and his ale!

With a full beer in hand I flipped on the camera and hit record. What flowed through the lens was the Pirate Sessions playing a song that was meant to be played at that very second and at that very place. Watch the video below and you’ll be wanting a little KEY WEST TIME.

Key West Time – Pirate Sessions

The cruise sailed on, the sky turned red and the sun took a swim. It was another great night in the pirate town we all love so much. Looking froward to catching some more live shows from Pirate Sessions as they are rumored to be doing a small tour. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. Until then you can down load their CD here. The Pirate Sessions – Jesse Rice

Cheers Castaways,

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caribbean discounts