It’s Saturday afternoon and you stumble into One Love Bar on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI. The Caribbean sun is blazing and the only thing you care about is a cold Carib at the bar. As the golden nectar flows down your throat in a refreshing wash, your auditory sense begins to pick up the most wonderful sound. The producer of the sound sits in the corner of One Love and strums his special 12 string guitar. You have just found Reuben Chinnery.

I had heard the name Reuben Chinnery before but was pushed to dive into his island music a little more by Castaway Ryan Small. While staying at Ivan’s on Jost, Ryan was treated to the lovely music of Ivan’s brother, Reuben. He wrote me an email and said I need to look into this guy. I did. And I liked it. Thanks Ryan.

With a rich baritone voice and his classic guitar, Reuben Chinnery is one musician you do not want to miss if you’re in the BVI. You can mostly find him entertaining the crowds at One Love Bar, Soggy Dollar and of course Ivan’s.

Reuben’s playlist includes tasty original songs mixed with classics that everyone knows. “Come back to the islands”, “Sailing in the BVI”, “To The Islands” . . . the list goes on and on and every song will bring you back to the islands.

Below are a few samples of Rueben’s sweet island music.

Cover of Bob Marley’s Exodus by Reuben Chinnery

Reuben Chinnery – Today I started Loving You Again

Reuben Chinnery – Summertime

Reuben’s music can’t be found on iTunes, but I believe you can buy a CD from the One Love Bar’s website. I’m trying to track down a few other places to find his CDs as well.

Have you had the pleasure of sitting at a Jost beach bar and relaxing the day away with Reuben’s music? I would love to know what you thought.


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  1. Ryan S June 25, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    My fiance Amanda and I had been engaged for only two days at the time. After spending one Thursday in late April bouncing between Ivan’s, the Soggy Dollar, and One Love, we had gone back to our cottage to shower off the days sand and salt water. We headed down to the beach at Ivan’s around 6:30pm and ordered a couple of Red Stripes just in time for the famous sunset over the western hills of White Bay, JVD. In the corner of Ivans stress free bar sat an older gentleman with his guitar, a few speakers, and a mic. That was the moment we were first introduced to Reuben Chinnery.

    On Thursdays Ivan’s holds their famous stress free BBQ. As the smell of chicken and ribs on the grill swept over the ever so lucky crowd of about 50 castaway’s, Reuben played his guitar. I was amazed by Reuben’s voice as he played an array of music from his collection, and some great covers mixed in from Marley and a memorable rendition of “Country Roads” by John Denver. We finished dinner and sat on the beach until about 10pm listening to the music and the waves, and raised our glasses each time a group hopped in their dinghy and headed back to their boats. Reuben played until almost midnight only taking a few short breaks.

    When we returned back to Boston, all we had left were our memories and a few camera phone videos. You can find one of Reuben’s albums here: – But for those more computer savvy, you really need to grab his album titled “Unplugged” (Grooveshark has it)- this album brings me right back to that night every time it comes on the ipod.


  2. Erin June 29, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Love Reuben’s music. Brings me right back to the islands. You can see another video of him singing here:

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