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After one sip, you’ll be Jamaican me crazy!

Have I told you how hot rum is? When it comes to the question of who the cool kid in class is, rum stands above the rest. Hands down. I challenge you to tell me a spirit that’s more popular, more versatile or defines the word “Relax” more. Does Gin have a week long festival on South Beach every year? I think not. Now let’s toss this cool kid in a glass with some of his Jamaican buddies and mix up a cocktail called the Jamaican My Pain Go Away!

Yesterday was (world famous) National Pina Colada Day, and today is (worlds most popular) Boat Drink recipe day! Someone pull the plug, because I think I’m drowning in sweet sweet Caribbean rum! On second thought, leave the plug in.

Castaway Mixologist Jeremy McDaniel is a magician when it comes to mixing drinks and the Jamaican My Pain Go Away cocktail is no different. Made with Jamaican mainstays Appleton and Wray & Nephew rum, this cocktail tastes as good as the blue waters that surround Jamaica look. Has a bit of a kick as well. Let’s all make Jamaica our destination, anchor ourselves at Rick’s or the Pelican Bar and lose track of time.

Jamaican My Pain Go Away


  • 1 1/2oz Appleton v/x
  • 1/2oz Wray And Nephew white over proof
  • 4oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1oz Orange Juice
  • 1oz Coconut Water
  • 2 dashes bitters

Mixing Instructions: Shake all top with nutmeg. Raise glass and toast.

I’m a huge fan of cocktails with Jamaican rum, coconut water and bitters. This drink is a can’t miss. Appleton is pretty easy to get your hands on, Wray & Nephew rum can be a little tougher sometimes if you’re outside of the south Florida market. If I’m wrong and you can find it easily where you’re at let me know.

Mix this Boat Drink up this weekend and let me know what you think. I’ll bet you the next round that you’ll be irie after one or two.

Where can you find me? I’ll be unwinding, down in the islands, down in the islands!


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