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Lovers Key State Park

Top down, wind blowing and Buffett singing a cover of Marley’s Redemption Song was streaming from the speakers as I climbed over the New Pass bridge. On the other side awaits a maze of mangroves, seashell covered beaches and unspoiled paradise, all surrounded by water. On the other side awaits Lovers Key State park. One of my favorite places in all Southwest Florida.

I’ve done an Island Lime Video on Lovers Key before, but it was shot during sunset. While absolutely magical, I thought the island deserved another video, this time in the mid summer sun.

I parked the Jeep, paid the $2 honor system entrance fee and began my stroll across the sand, camera in hand and a awash with contentment.

Have I mentioned how hot it was yet? South Florida in the Summer can take some getting use too, but as long as you have a few bottles of water, SPF giga-something, you’ll be fine.

I set the camera up in various spots along the North and Western shores, but the sun kept playing hide and seek due to building weather over the mainland. Southwest Florida during the summer receives thunder showers nearly everyday. You can almost set your watch to them. Come 3 or 4 o’clock you better have you windows up on the car because it’s going rain and rain hard.  Wait 30 minutes and the sun will be back out though. Keeps paradise green!

Here is the Island Lime Video of the gentle Gulf waves lapping the shore of peaceful Lovers Key. It’s the next best thing to being there. Watch closely at the 2:08 mark, you’ll see a dolphin just off the beach.

Lovers Key State Park – Island Lime Video

Right after I was done filming, I pulled the beach towel out of the backpack, spread it flat on the sand and laid down. I closed my eyes, exhaled a deep breath and listened to the waves. There wasn’t another soul in sight. Relaxation success.

That success lasted all of 4 minutes. As I lay there completely happy, I felt one, then two cool drops of water hit my face. My eyes cracked open and I could tell the darkening shades of gray the clouds were taking on meant I didn’t have much time. I still had a 20 minute walk ahead of me and the top was down on the Jeep. Had to hurry or else it would be a soggy drive home.

Here are a few more photos from that Lovers Key trip.

Lovers Key

Lovers Key

Lovers Key

Have you been to Lovers Key? Did you find it to be little piece of heaven as I have?

Cheers Castaways!

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