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Becoming an expat is about change, a change in lifestyle, a change in thinking. It’s about following a dream of living in a strange new place and becoming part of it. It’s a romantic notion, quit your job, sell your stuff and start a new life some place that makes you smile everyday when you rise. For a Castaways those places are usually surrounded by blue water and fringed with swaying palms. It’s all about doing what makes you happy, a motto that I live by everyday.

Two guys who followed that motto, Cheech Vyas and Kevin Chipman, made the jump to live on St. John. They not only made the dream of living on a stunning tropical island a reality, but they made another dream come true…starting a beer company. Cheech and Kevin are the owners of St. John Brewers and they tell their story of becoming island boys to Savannah Jane Buffett and the EX-PAT Show on the Reserve Channel.

Moving to St. John doesn’t really make you an expatriate though, the US in front of the VI means you’re still in Uncle Sam territory, but it’s still a great story and by a couple cool guys.

Here is the full 22 minute episode. Shot on St. John, the breathtaking scenery will mesmerize, the story from Cheech and Kevin will inspire–all of it will have you contemplating a full time life in the islands. I know it did me.

Ex-Pats – St. John Brewers

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St. John Brewers Expats

I love the part when they are sitting on the beach talking about the island community. How everyone helps everyone else out, and how that sense of community was a big reason why St. John Brewers has succeed. At the end Cheech hits on what makes the island so special–yes you have the beaches, the weather, and the relaxation, but it’s the people that make the island such a special place.

In my travels it’s not just St. John that has that unconditional friendliness, it’s all the islands of the Caribbean that possess that togetherness vibe. There’s just such a feeling of friendship and oneness when you get to know the true heart of the islands…the people.

I’m looking forward to the next episode of Ex-Pats from the Reserve Channel.

St. John Brewers-expats

Do you have dreams of making the move to the islands? Are you in preparations right now? Would love to hear your story.


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