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After one sip, you’ll be slipping out of your Fruit of the Loom.

About 10 years ago I was a bartender at an eclectic little restaurant called Trapper Jacks in Pittsburg, Kansas.  Had to do something for beer money in college so why not sling some drinks and flirt with waitresses. Man I miss those days some time.

I wasn’t a very good bartender back then. I would screw up martinis and get caught giving away beers. I would talk to customers too much and neglect prep duties. Seems like I was getting yelled at for everything. Regardless, it was a good time and I met some great people. One thing I was good at though was mixing frozen drinks. These hands can craft the perfect blend of rum, real fruit, ice and juices. The secret is to over mix the drink and give away the excess to another customer to try. Nine times out of ten they would order one as well and tip you for your graciousness. I probably wasn’t suppose to do that either but who cares, it’s about making the people happy right? I still have no idea why they fired.

Today’s Boat Drink recipe is a fruity frozen cocktail that was created by Castaway Mixologist Jeremy. His wife is a fan of peach flavored drinks so that was the inspiration. Made with Cruzan Rum, Peach Schnapps, blended up with slices of fresh or frozen peaches and fruit juices–the Cruzan Fruity Booty is a resort vacation in a glass. Sans the speedo wearing tourists.

Cruzan Fruity Booty

  • 1/2oz Cruzan light
  • 1/2oz Cruzan dark
  • 3/4oz Peach Schnapps
  • 4-5 Slices of Fresh or Frozen Peaches
  • Splash of Pineapple, Orange & Cranberry Juices

Mixing Instructions: Blend all with ice until smooth. Garnish with peach wedge. Raise glass and toast.

Let me know if you blend yourself up a Cruzan Fruity Booty. Anxious to know what you guys think.

By the way, Trapper Jacks was located in what I like to call the arm pit of Kansas. Pittsburg is located in the Southeast corner of the Sunshine State, pretty much the middle of no where. Not much to do except go to Trappers and get a damn good frozen drink from the bartender! Go Pitt State!


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caribbean discounts