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“Don’t live on St. Croix, live in St. Croix.”

Nate Olive moved to the Virgin Islands from Georgia and truly does live in St. Croix, not on St. Croix. Nate is the focus the Reserve Channel’s EX-PATS second episode as they follow him through his life on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.  It’s crazy to see his transformation from college frat boy to director of Ridge to Reef, an organic farm on St. Croix.

Follow Savannah Jane Buffett as she get’s to know Nate and what it takes to be an organic farmer on St. Croix. Watch the full episode below–we even get to hear a “That’s what she said” out of Savannah!

EXPATS: Meet Nate Olive, an ex-pat from Atlanta who followed his dream of building a sustainable farm in paradise on this episode of EX-PATS.  After a long sabbatical with a close friend who escaped death, Nate decided to leave what would be his past life behind him to follow his dream.  Married to a beautiful Islander, Nate now has no complaints.  On Episode 2 of EX-PATS, join Savannah Jane Buffett as she and Nate travel around the island of  St. Croix, picking mangos, herding sheep and ultimately laughing their way to the beach. The journey has just begun.

 EX-PATS Episode 2 – Nate Olive, St. Croix

I’m not sure I would make a organic farmer. While I don’t mind a little hard work, I’m not sure I could get used to his all-natural bedroom.

It was a great second episode, showing a different side of a Caribbean island. It’s not all beaches and resorts all the time. Small businesses like the Ridge to Reef farm are the beating heart of an island, because once you get past the glitter islands are just small communities with people working together. During the show when Savannah was cooking the meal for the other farm workers you could see how she changed the episode into a show in St. Croix, not on St. Croix.



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