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AXA Brewing Company Anguilla

When traveling to the Caribbean there’s nothing better than growing roots at a beach bar and tossing back a few bottles of the local island beer. Soon you’ll be able to do that on the island of Anguilla. AXA Brewing Company is setting up shop and is poised to bring Anguilla its first and only local beer.

AXA Brewing will feature three different beers to start off with; the AXA Blue (Pilsner), Horney Goat (Pale Ale) and On the Rock (IPA) that combine the finest grains, malt, and hops with the freshest Caribbean waters.

The company is being built by Kenneth Henry-Webster, his wife Jennifer and Christian McClean. Looks like they are set to take over the old Pyrat Rum factory on Anguilla and turn it into an island brewery as well as tap room, restaurant and gift shop. They already have some cool t-shirts for sale on their website. Me being the island t-shirt whore that I am, will definitely have one in my collection.

Here is a great video they put together explaining their dream of starting and building AXA Brewing Company. I love seeing people make their dreams come true, especially when that dream is to make delicious island beer that we all can enjoy.

AXA Brewing Company

We have always called this island our Paradise’, and now Paradise has an endless supply of beer! What more could you ask for?

Our Brew Master Ryan Fitch will take time out of his busy schedule at Baxter Brewing Co. to assist us with the set-up of the equipment and establish our first 3 brews!

That sounds like paradise to me. I was completely unaware of AXA Brewing Company up until about 2 days ago when they sent me a tweet about their company. Isn’t technology wonderful. I will post updates about AXA Brewing Company as I get them. I haven’t heard a firm date on when the beer will start flowing, but hopefully soon. There are a few beach bars at Sandy Ground that I’d like to belly up to and cool off with a few of the new AXA Blue beers. Care to join me?

BigKahunaBrew, what do you think, start our own island beer? I’m in!

AXA Brewing Company Anguilla

For more information visit AXA Brewing Company here:



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