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Last weekend I took my first trip to Bimini in the Bahamas. It was a fantastic trip, but it was a trip that almost didn’t happen.

Two months prior to last weekend myself, Mike from and Shawn from Coastlines & Tan Lines started planning a weekend trip to the Big Game Club on Bimini. We researched the hotel and we researched Bimini, and of course the excitement built as the date drew near.

Last Wednesday I began to organize what I needed to take. When I went to grab my passport from the place I always keep it, all I saw staring up at me was an empty box. I quickly looked in a couple other places it might be; underwear draw, filing cabinet, bookshelf…it was no where to be found. I wasn’t in panic mode yet, but the anxiety level was definitely on the rise. I spent the next 3 hours that night going through the house, looking in every box, every pocket, every place I could think of. Nothing.

I hit the sack around midnight; mind racing on places it could be. Not being able to sleep, I woke at 4:30am and started searching the house again until it was time to go to work.

Panic was in full swing now. I emailed Mike and Shawn and filled them in on my situation. Their words inspired me not to quit looking, but ultimately pushed me to do what I had to do to get a new passport the same day we were scheduled to fly out. I read blogs, I called the passport agencies, I called shady 24hour passport companies, and I called travel agents. This research lead to only one option and it was by no means a guarantee. More like throwing a dart and hoping for a bulls-eye.

After spending all of Thursday night turning over the entire house for a third time with no passport in sight, it was clear I had only one option. I had to drive to Miami and pay the passport agency a visit. But with no appointment (those are made weeks in advance), chances were slim I’d get into their office in time and even slimmer that my passport would be ready that day, let alone before my flight. Here is a break down of my Friday.

  • Woke up at 2:30am
  • On the road to Miami by 3:00am
  • Drink Red Bull
  • Arrive at passport agency in downtown Miami at 5:15am.
  • First person in the non-appointment line
  • Office opened at 8am
  • First non-appointment person let in 9:30am
  • Take number
  • Give agent all my info at 10:15am
  • Told to come back between 2pm -3pm for possible pick up, no guarantees
  • Sit at Miami Marriott and look for possible later that day or early the next morning flights or boat charters
  • Drink Red Bull
  • Go back to passport office at 1:00pm to check
  • Sweet talk lady agent and tell her my story and flight time
  • She smiles at the bald guy and says things are looking good
  • Bald guy smiles back
  • Get passport early at 1:45pm
  • Freakout with joy
  • Drive way too fast on I-95 to Ft. Lauderdale airport
  • Meet Mike and Shawn at airport Chilis at 2:45pm
  • Drink best tasting Corona of my life
  • Fly to Bimini 4:10pm

That was an incredibly long day, but when it comes to traveling to the islands I will do just about anything. The things we did and experienced in Bimini made this island adventure one of my all time favorites. I had no idea this small island just 50 miles off the coast of Florida had so much to offer. Much more to come from Bimini and the Bimini Big Game Club.



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