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Located less than 50 miles off the coast of Miami sits a group of islands called Bimini. So close you can almost swim there. What I can’t tell you is that the two facing coastlines are similar. When standing on a western facing beach on Bimini, the lights of Miami light up the sky like distant headlights. Though close, the two couldn’t be more different. Bimini is authentic Bahamas. No towering highrises, no sports cars parked in valet, no “look at me” South Beach. Myself, Mike of Rum Connection and Shawn of Coastlines & Tan Lines set out to find what we can and can’t say about Bimini.

I can’t say that the people of Bimini are friendly. What I can say is that they are bend over backwards, do anything for you, type of people. They are the type of people who will open up their store after closing time to let you buy a case of Kalik for the hotel room. I can say that Bimini is as much about its people as it is its beautiful beaches and fishing.


I can’t tell you that a character we met named Star is a nice guy. What I can tell you is that Star is one of the coolest, most gracious individuals I’ve ever met in all my travels, and he cooks one of the finest lobster meals in the Caribbean. Star invited us into his unopened, unfinished bar for a few Kaliks. What started out as a casual walk along Kings Highway, with no destination in mind, turned into the highlight of my trip.  I can’t tell you I had a great time at Star’s place, but I can tell you the time I had is burned into my memory, filed under extraordinary.

Star from Bimini

Star and RumShopRyan

Bimini Lobster

I can’t tell you about how beautiful the beaches are. Really I can’t, it’s impossible. I can’t because my simple words won’t do them justice. What I can do is show you pictures. The pictures, though beautiful, fail to convey the true blast of color that dazzled the eye.

Bimini Beach


I can’t tell you that we went into this writing trip with a plan. To plan a trip like this with every detail lined out–every stop, every bar, every beach, would hold you back from the true adventure that would organically happen as you explore. You go with the flow when you’re on islands like Bimini. I can tell you that if we hadn’t gone with the flow and just let things happen, we would have missed out on the best parts. Making new friends, helping stranded tourists and jumping off a dock for 5 straight hours. Those are the things that I will remember about Bimini.



I can’t tell you we returned our rented golf cart in the same condition as when we got it. What I can tell you is that the golf cart we rented was improved upon.

Bimini golf Cart

I can’t simply say thank you to the Bimini Big Game Club for hosting our stay, to do so would be insufficient. What I can say is that because of the Big Game Club my eyes have been blown open by a salty piece of land that lies just across the Gulf Stream. A piece of land that honestly I didn’t think was going to have all that much to offer considering its small size. I can say that Bimini now has a special place in my heart and I look forward to another stay at the Big Game Club.

Bimini Big Game Club

Bimini Fishing

Again, I can’t say that my words do the 48 hours we spent on Bimini justice. Hemingway would no doubt do a better job of describing Bimini than I, but I’m guessing even his words would fall short at times.


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