If Kenny Chesney wasn’t a popular musician I would hire him as my marketing manager. The job wouldn’t pay much, but there would be all the Corona you could drink and it would be within walking distance to the beach. Something tells me he might be okay with that.

Chesney might not have restaurants named after him or blenders that can make the perfect margarita, but he has his own little empire and it is pushing hard into the new world of social media and fan engagement. Yesterday Chesney and his team took another big step in that direction with the release of a new app collection that will bring fans even closer to the never ending summer vibe that.

Android users will be rejoicing that No Shoes Radio has finally arrived. The apps, which are available now for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Apple computers will be streaming the the mix of country, rock, and reggae to thousands of new people. The apps offer Chesney’s No Shoes Radio, a web store, and social media channels that let you interact with the lifestyle like never before. How is that you might ask, with totally cool photo filters…my favorite feature.

Chesney Photo Filters

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Instagram craze. The photo filter social network that was bought by Facebook for something like a billion dollars. Chesney has designed special photo filters that will remind fans that summer doesn’t have to end just because it’s cold out. The filters are inspired by album art work, songs and the island lifestyle.  The NSR, Fishbowl, and Tequila Filters are free on the iPhone or Android. Their are a few filters that you can buy for $.99, they’re called Rockstar, Come Over, Hemingway, Ain’t Back Yet and Summertime. Here is a look at the a few of the filters.


Chesney app filters

Chesney app filters

Chesney app filter

Chesney app filter

Pretty bad ass aren’t they. There are a lot more, but I won’t post them all here. I’m going to let you take a look and explore the new Kenny Chesney app for yourself.

One cool thing is that you can instantly post the new photos that you create straight to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I guarantee they are going to get some “Likes” and retweets!

Chesney was personally involved with designing the apps, applying the same attention to detail that he does with his live performances and recording sessions. “I wanted these apps to be an extension of my albums and shows,” Chesney said. “Even in the middle of the winter, fans can open up the app wherever they are, listen to a little No Shoes Radio, take a photo that looks like it came straight out of my music video, and feel like they’re back at the party all year long.”

“The evolution of radio continues to put more power into the hands of the consumer, and these apps allow No Shoes Radio fans to listen wherever they are — in the car, on their boat, on the beach — and on even more of their devices,” No Shoes Radio Program Director Jon Anthony said.

I think these apps are a huge upgrade and will be a smash hit with fans. I’m sure most of you Castaways already have the NSR app on your iPhones, make sure you update them and explore all the new features. All you Android people, I may not like your phone choice, but I’m glad you have joined the party and are now able to listen to No Shoes Radio and use the cool new photo features.

The new apps can be downloaded from the iTunes app store and the Android market.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the new NSR app and the new Kenny Chesney app.

Cheers to bringing the coast of somewhere beautiful to our digital world.


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