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You’ve got the plane tickets. Practically bursting with excitement, you packed your bags months ago. (And, as a result, you had to keep unpacking your favorite summer shorts. Whoops!) Now all that’s left is deciding what to do while vacationing with your sweetie in the Caribbean. Don’t worry – much like your reliable 35 SPF sunscreen, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite activities:

1. Swim with dolphins

Surely we’re not the only ones who have wished we could jump into those dolphin zoo exhibits. Watching these graceful mammals is a treat in itself, but getting the chance to interact with them? (Maybe not as gracefully.) Even better.

2. Cruise at sunset

Not much beats snuggling with the love of your life as the two of you are treated to breathtaking views of the sun sinking over the ocean. Can you feel the refreshing, salty sea breeze?

3. Horseback riding

Explore the Caribbean by land and by sea. After moseying through the rainforest, trek through your island’s pristine beaches – all on horseback.

4. Take a scuba dive

So you’ve never dived before. What better time to learn than during your all-inclusive Caribbean vacation? Your vacation is the perfect chance for you to swim with the fishes. (And to see thriving coral reefs up close and personal – don’t forget your underwater camera!)

5. Zip line through the trees

With the greatest of ease, you can whiz from tree to tree through the lush forest.  If you’re hoping for a thrilling ride, you’ll definitely want to pencil this one in.

6. Oceanside golf

Relish in the swaying palm trees and cool ocean breeze at scenic (but challenging!) Caribbean golf courses. Play a round or five  – and be firm! You’re not allowed to think about paperwork while you’re on the course.

7. Kayak

Not only will you be awestruck by the gorgeous, meandering island scenery, this mode of sight-seeing burns off pesky lingering calories from those rum punches.

8. Chase waterfalls

Or marvel at them, rather. The islands are full of magnificent falls, and they make for a great switch from swimming at the beach – though it’s difficult to tire of that!

9. Glass bottom boat adventure

Maybe scuba diving’s not your cup of tea. So enjoy a tour on one of these vessels, allowing you to stay high and dry, as you gaze through the glass bottom at the frolicking sea-life (not quite like The Little Mermaid, but close).

10. Be a beach bum

Spend some time soaking up the sun on the sparkling, white, sandy beaches. You’re on vacation. So give yourself time to relax and bask in the rays. (You need to replenish your Vitamin D stores anyway, right?)

So there’s a sampling of activities to enjoy during your all-inclusive Caribbean vacation – you won’t run out of options any time soon! (We didn’t include squishing sand between your toes because, well, that’s a given.) Learn more about how our all-inclusive luxury vacations can give you the Caribbean adventure of a lifetime.

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caribbean discounts