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Bimini may be the island in the stream, but I’m the one awash in memories. Over 500 photos were taken, over an hour of video shot, Bimini is a small island but it seems like around every turn something or someone was camera worthy. What does one do with all that footage? You mash it together into a four minute waterfall of surf, sand and sun. You then take that mash-up and put it to the music. Pick a bad song and the whole thing is goat fodder, pick the right one and you have something that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The perfect song for this Bimini mash-up is Summer Paradise by Simple Plan.

From the Bimini Big Game Club to Sakara Beach to Sherri’s Beach Bar to a shipwreck to Star’s bar–this tour of Bimini will have you itching to experience it for yourself. So badly so that you might think about doggy-paddling the 50 miles across the stream to Bimini, I know it’s always on my mind!

A Bimini Summer Paradise Tour

Mike of, Shawn of and yours truly may look like we’re having fun but we’re really on the clock. Exploring beaches, tasting the culture and sipping the local beverages is all done to show you that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We try to inspire, to push you off the fence so that you take that Caribbean vacation that has been staring you down. Say yes more than you say no and you’ll be amazed by things you’ll experience, the people that you’ll meet. It’s those people, those situations that will make your memories concrete strong. Memories that will last a life time.

Big ups to the Bimini Big Game Club for making this trip possible. Grab a room at the Big Game, explore Bimini and make some memories of your own.

Does this video serve as that inspiration? I hope so, it’s my job!


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