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You tailgate all day. Margaritas and Landshark beer flow like water and your eyes burn form all the brightly colored tropical shirts. Buffett takes the stage and you sing the songs back to him at the top of your lungs. The next day you pry your crusty eyes open, your head feels like someones been playing basketball with it and your mouth is drier than Sahara. The day before was the time of your life but your body is paying the price the day after, this is called the drunken parrothead blues.

This past weekend I attended a parrothead pit stop party at a great little tiki bar in Fort Myers called Gatorz. Parrotheads from around the country are caravanning down to Key West for the annual Meeting of the Minds parrothead festival taking place November 1st-4th. The pit stop party had live music, cute waitresses wearing bikinis and plenty of Landshark Lager. It was impossible to have a bad time at this place.

The headlining band was called Swim Skinny. I’d never heard of them before, but Kokomo Joe of Trop Life and John Helms of, whom were also at the party told me that Swim Skinny was a must see with fantastic original songs. On this night it was just two members of the band, singer/songwriter Chris Baer and master guitar player Tom Johnson. Tom kind of looks like Zach Galifianakis Hangover style. I kept waiting for a wolfpack speech but alas one never came, he just kept rocking that guitar. I settled in with a Landshark and let the music take me to that island state of mind.

One song that I really enjoyed was called Drunken Parrothead Blues. Give it a listen below and let me know what you think.

Drunken Parrothead Blues – Swim Skinny

Have you ever experienced a little parrothead blues after a Buffett concert? No comment from this pirate. If you want listen to more Swim Skinny, click the iTunes link blow. They have a cool new album called Naked & Wet. One CD is acoustic and the other is the full on band.

Naked & Wet - Swim Skinny

(Photo credit to Ruthi Dooley)


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caribbean discounts