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I like poker and I love the Bahamas. Why not put the two together at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Story in collaboration with Courtney Black.

As the year is coming to a close, many of us are getting ready for the holidays and getting ready for a long winter. For poker players, the holidays means only one thing. January is just around the corner and fun and sun await. How do poker players find fun and sun in January? Easy. They go to the Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island.

January is the start of the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure at the Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino. For years now, poker players from around the world descend upon the island for a few weeks of fun and sun, and sometimes they play a little poker.

This is probably the one poker tournament series of the year where poker players do not mind being knocked out early. While they can win some serious money at the poker tables, if they bust out early they can take part in all of the fun activities of the island.

Some of these players also take this opportunity to go yachting. Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and others are among the players you will see super yacht ballin’ in the Bahamas in January. That definitely would be worthy of a segment on television coverage of the event.

You have to give Poker Stars credit for selecting the ideal spot to hold a poker tournament in the winter. Poker players either have the choice of several North American events that are mostly in cold weather or they can make the journey down to Paradise Island. They then schedule close to a month of events that guarantee that many of the big names hang around and spend their money in the Bahamas.

During the rest of the year, the Atlantis is not that well known for its poker offerings. However, for one month a year they become the resort of choice for the poker elite and those hoping to make their name in the poker world. The great thing about the PCA is that anyone is welcome and you can take your seat. Maybe you will win enough to pay for your trip. If not, more time on the beach is never a bad thing.


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