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Yes this post has the word vampire in the title, but it has nothing to do with real (not real) vampires on the big screen. All you Twilight fans can click away now. I will never write about Twilight. Unless they end up in the Caribbean somehow, but then wouldn’t they melt or boil away in the tropical sun? One can hope! I digress.

We Castaways are all about the island vibe and nothing gives that to us better than the sweet sound of reggae music. I have to admit that three years ago, before I started RSR, I didn’t know much about reggae. True, I was a fan of Marley (but isn’t everyone?) and I could appreciate some old school UB40 and even a little Shaggy, but I wasn’t exposed to a lot of other talented artists. I give credit to the internet and the vast selection of iTunes channels that helped expand my view.

Today’s featured song is called Vampire by the southern California reggae band Tribal Seeds. I have to give big ups to No Shoes Radio for bringing this band to my attention. Originally started by two brothers, Steven Rene Jacobo (lyrics, lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Tony-Ray Jacobo (producer, keyboard player). Tribal Seeds now boasts six members, including: Tony Navarro (lead guitar), Carlos Verdugo (drums), Jose Rodriguez (keys, percussion), and Victor Navarro (bass).

The song and video I’d like to show you is called Vampire, off their 2009 album The Harvest.

Tribal Seed – Vampire

So what do you think, can you see yourself driving down the road, head bouncing to the beat? If you’d like to make Vampire or The Harvest album from Tribal Seeds part of your reggae playlist you can download it here.
The Harvest - Tribal Seeds


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caribbean discounts