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Sea Urchin Shooter

After one sip, you’ll be questioning yourself in the morning.

And so the story begins.

Like most trips with me, the first night always seems to last well into the early morning hours. It’s a combination of adrenalin from the excitement, meeting new friends and there always seems to be a near empty bottle of rum involved. The first night of the Castaway Winter Beach Bash played out no differently. Only this night ended with the creation of a new Boat Drink recipe (sort of) at 3am on the sandy shore of St. Thomas.

Our group of Castaways (minus two…flying in the next day), met up at Iggies Beach Bar at Bolongo Bay Resort. It was Cruzan Carnival night–a band was playing on the sand, a moko jumbie danced with the music and the food at the buffet was phenomenal. Our group literally raved about it for the rest of the night.

That buffet though wouldn’t compare with the late night snack experiment that Mango Eddie, Big Kahuna and myself would experience later in the night.

We dance the night away and all sip from a bottle of smooth Bones Rum. Most of the group turned in probably around 1am ish, but Mango Eddie, Big K and I closed down Iggies and told our pirate stories on the beach as the waves rolled ashore.

As those waves rolled in we noticed it was low tide and that a rock outcropping was now visible. The haze of the rum sparked an idea in Big Kahuna’s soggy mind and he walked into the water to go hunting. In a few seconds he return with small black pincushion like creatures in his hand. They were a common species of sea urchin. Okay cool, I’ve seen these things before, but seeing and touching them wasn’t the plan. The night was about to get a little more interesting.

Big Kahuna pulled out a pocket knife and cut a couple little sea urchins in half. There was no suffering involved, they went quickly. He proceed to educate Mango Eddie and I that you can eat the inside portion of the urchin call the roe. Indeed it is a common food in Korea, but on a beach of St. Thomas at 3 in the morning, noddle soaked in rum, I was still skeptical.

Big Kahuna, in a totally serious voice, began telling us the unique lemon and salty flavors that will titillate our tastebuds (sort of). You only live once right? Mango Eddie was a little more apprehensive than I and decide not to partake in the raw sea urchin night cap. He wanted to wait to see if we were still alive in the morning, then he would partake. Mango Eddie did however video the entire thing for the pleasure of our audiences. (See below)

The urchin is put into small sipping cups and topped off with a splash of Cruzan white rum. Big Kahuna and myself raise our Sea Urchin Shooter to the sky and toast to the islands.

I was hopping the rum would tame down some of the nastiness that was sitting on the bottom of the cup, but a grainy taste and texture still came through. Titillating taste buds…I don’t think so. Hints of lemon…not a chance. The funniest part is that Big Kahuna was so serious about the taste. I had to call him out on it after we did the shot.

Sea Urchin Shooter Video

Sea Urchin Shooter Recipe (Sort of)


  • Cruzan White Rum
  • Straight From the Sea, Raw Sea Urchin Roe

Mixing Instructions: Cut little sea urchin in half. Clear out gunk so only roe is remaining. Mix roe with rum. Shake well. Raise glass and toast.

Just another fun night in the Caribbean with great friends. A new pirate story to tell on future adventures.

Do you have a similar story you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and let us know all about it!

Cheers to a interesting Boat Drink! (sort of)


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