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Traveling to the Caribbean is always a party for your senses. Your eyes are dazzled by the stunning scenery, your nose breathes in the sweet salt air and your tastebuds jump for joy when you treat them to the sweet and spicy flavors of the islands. Bringing home the photos isn’t quite like being there though. Grabbing a jar of salt air and stuffing it into your luggage might be a little odd. But bringing home rum and food items instantly transports you back to the place where you first savored their delights.

Some of those delights from the island of Antigua found their way to my door step a few weeks ago. Eef Armstrong, the Managing Director at Raw Island Products, sent me four bags of their flavored Raw Organic Coconut Wedges–Sweet Cinnamon, Curry Crunch, Spicy Carib and Lime Twist.

I had never tried flavored coconut wedges before so I was quite eager to dive into the experience.

Raw Island Products

I tried each bag and found that I enjoyed the Spicy Carib the most. I’m a sucker for anything spicy. The wedges aren’t as crispy as potato chips, you’re teeth sink into the coconut flesh to a point then they snap like a chip. The flavors were powerful and tasted great.

The coconut wedges are slowly dehydrated raw coconut are a healthy snack.  All ingredients are natural and no preservatives are used in any of the Raw Island Products.

If you are interested in learning more about Raw Island Products you can visit their website www

Cheers to bringing the tastes of the Caribbean back home with you.


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