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Cruising the Caribbean aboard a 124 foot luxury yacht is on most people’s bucket list. Now what if that yacht was owned by none other than Jimmy Buffett himself, adds a little bit of BANG to the story you could tell doesn’t it.

Jimmy Buffett is now chartering his 124 foot motor yacht called the Continental Drifter III. For $65,000 a week you’ll be able to charters this sleek vessel and its crew of 6 for an adventure of a lifetime. Anyone want to chip-in with me?

This luxury yacht comes with all the bells and whistle, as well as some amazing toys. It can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms. The Continental Driffter comes with a professional crew of 6, which includes a top notch chef and captain. You have a wide variety of “extras” that include a  30’ RIB fishing/diving/waterskiing shore excursion boat, paddleboards, surfboards, fishing gear and of course lots of Buffett Margaritaville gear.

Jimmy himself tells us the yacht is small enough to get into small secluded coves and anchorages, even up jungle rivers in Panama. The boat also was designed with a “Zero Speed” stabilization system, which negates most of the wave motion when you are at anchor. Don”t want to spill those drinks!

This will blow your mind, but you can also charter Jimmy’s Cessna Caravan floatplane! I would have let Buffett himself tell you all about what you can do with the plane and the yacht in the video he put out, but it looks like that video has been pulled down from YouTube. The video had Jimmy sitting in the captain’s chair describing the boat for prospective charters. Here are a couple photos of the Continental Drifter III to wet your appetite though.

Jimmy Buffett's Yacht

(Photo from

Continental Drifter Buffett

(Photo from

If I see the video pop back up I’ll be sure to add it to this post.

So who wants to go in on a charter with me?



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