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(This is a guest post from Kristine Vicencio.)

Planning a last minute trip may seem like a lot of hard work, but in reality, it’s actually far more simpler than you would expect. Many travel agencies offer great deals on airfare for those who are traveling last minute. These are typically seats that have not yet been sold that the airline is looking to fill up before departing. Deciding to travel last minute can actually save you a great deal on your airfare and other typical expenses. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quick weekend away from home, have a business trip that you must attend right away or are a traveler that is simply looking for the best deals around, the best bargains are always found for those who decide to wait to purchase their airline tickets.

1. Flexibility with Travel Dates – Those who are able to be flexible about when exactly they travel are usually able to get the best deals on cheap flights. This is a great option for those who do not have any prior commitments and get hop aboard a plane on any given departure date without prior notice. Some of the lowest prices available are offered to travelers that wait at the airport on a standby list. While this method may not always work out, it’s a risk that you will need to decide to take in order to get rock bottom prices to the destinations of your choice.

2. Airport Selections – Believe it or not, different airports may offer different prices on their airfare tickets to the exact same location. Having flexibility in the distance that you are able to travel in order to board a flight can save you huge amounts on tickets in the long run. To find current prices for flights leaving from various airports, simply use travel agency websites to search for departing flights leaving from a number of airports in your area. For example, look up the prices of all airports within your state rather than just the closest one to your home.

3. Discount Travel Agencies – There are travel agency websites out there that specialize in bringing customers last minute deals on airline tickets. These could be flights leaving the same day or the same week as when you have started your search. Some sites provide last minute flights for particular regions while others include any destination. On many of these sites, you can put your name onto a wait list for a particular area such as the Caribbean and will be contacted with a date and time of departure. This is only ideal for those who are able to be flexible with their travel arrangements.

4. Time of Day – Rather than looking for airline tickets during the middle of the day or on the weekend, try searching early in the morning or late at night in the middle of the week. Many standby flights will list their available seats during these hours at the lowest prices around.

5. Fly Alone – Although you may be traveling with a group, flying alone can actually save you money. Because it can be harder to book several seats, you often will not find deals on them. Single flyers can take advantage of cheap tickets and meet their party at their destination.

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caribbean discounts