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Which beach do you want to be on right now?

The right answer would be any beach, but I’m sure you have a favorite. One that left an impression on you. One that your mind wanders to when you look up from your work computer and day dream out the window. The memory is so sweet, so deep that you can almost feel the sand under your feet right now. You would give anything to be on that beach wouldn’t you?

Obviously I have a passion for beaches. I moved from Kansas to live by one. I travel throughout the Caribbean as much as I can, to taste test if you will, all that I can and report that experience back to you. And I too dream about those beaches long after I’ve left.

Take The Beach With You – The Collection

A few years ago I started to bring the beach home with me. An empty water bottle and a few scoops of sand is all you need to bring a little piece of paradise home with you. Then years down the road you can look back at that same sand and remember that day in the sun.

Collecting all this sand can be a little stressful though. Each time I fly home I get nervous that the baggage screeners are going to think the sand is some type of drug. This worry is not unwarranted.

Collecting Beach Sand

Don’t Take Me To Prison

I was in Grenada flying back from a sailing trip through the Grenadine Islands aboard the Island Windjammers boat, the Diamant. During the trip we visited several islands and I had collected 5 bottles of sand from different beaches. I was quietly sitting in the Grenada airport when I heard a voice over the intercom say, “Would Mr. Ryan VanDenabeele please report to the front desk.”

I was a little shocked but I had a pretty good idea what the issue was about. A gate attendant lead me out on to the tarmac, around a corner, through an alley, then into a back room. Was this the airport prison? Do they think I have drugs? Is taking sand illegal? All of these question were running through my mind as they took me into the bowels of the airport.

A couple security guards are standing next to another gate agent and they ask permission to open up my checked bag. They open it up and take out the five bottles of sand. I explain that I collect sand from all the beaches I go to and that losing these would be be a terrible disappointment. The agent opens the bottles, shakes them, smells them and then packs them back into my bag. Those bottles of sand now sit proudly on my shelf with a good story behind them.

Collecting Beach Sand

The Favorites

Asking me to pick a favorite is nearly impossible. It’s like asking which child is your favorite. Each bottle of sand has its own special memory. But if you put a gun to my head and made me pick, I would say the pink sand of Harbor Island and Hope Town, the black sand from the north shore of St. Kitts, and sand from Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay on St. John would be some of my favorites. Each one has a great story behind it as well as being some of my favorite places in the Caribbean.

Collecting Beach Sand

Collecting Beach Sand

Collecting Beach Sand

The places where land meets sea are powerful. People fly half way around the globe and pay thousands of dollars to step foot on certain beaches. Why not take more than just the memories home with you.

Do you have a sand collection? I would love to hear from anyone else that does this as well.



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