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This is a guest post from Petite Anse Hotel in Grenada.

Just like every Caribbean island, Grenada loves its rum. If you’re a big fan of it, then you’ll be in fine company. There are three distilleries that produce it on this captivating island that is known as the “Spice Island”.

Just a bit of background so that you can get a feel for this island. Grenada is a major exporter of nutmeg. In fact 20% of the world’s suppy is grown in Grenada. You can also find cinnamon, cocoa, clove, turmeric and allspice growing on the island.

Grenada is located close to Tobago at the southern end of the Caribbean island chain.  It’s a beautiful island, very natural with a lot of greenery, some interesting climatic zones with a rainforest in the center. The island has been bashed a few times by a couple of large hurricanes (Janet in 1955 and Ivan in 2004), that unfortunately wiped out many of its nutmeg and cocoa trees.

Let’s take a look at what they offer when it comes to rum and the places that make that delicious Grenadian rum:

River Antoine Rum Distillery

River Antoine has been making rum since 1785, not a bad innings and they are still using the same equipment. You can visit the distillery to witness the rickety wooden carts carrying crushed cane along the same tracks that have been there since day one. This is in fact, the only railway on Grenada. The distillery is still using a water wheel that turns and crushes the sugar cane with water from the River Antoine. The cane is then recycled as fertilizer for local growers.

For history buffs, the output is certainly something to try – The River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum. A rum that is made in the same style as it was centuries ago.

Westerhall Rum

The equipment at the Westerhall distillery was purchased in the 1860s and two waterwheels were crushing the cane up until the 1970s. Since the 1980s a diesel powered mill has been doing the honors. It is possible to visit the distillery for a tour and to witness the rum being made.

The distillery produces 5 different rums that should be tried by the discerning rum connoisseur:

  • Westerhall Plantation Rum
  • Rum Sipper Strong Rum
  • Westerhall Superb Light
  • Westerhall Strong Rum
  • Jack Iron

Clarke’s Court Rum

This is the most modern of the three distilleries and a mere youngster having started business in only 1937. A tour around the factory will take approximately 15 minutes, and you’ll be taught all that there is to know about bottling, blending and aging the rum in the factory.

Clarke’s have an exciting collection of rums and rum mixes on offer:

  • #37
  • Black Jack
  • Camerhogne Liquer
  • Fancy Molasses
  • Rhythm Coconut Rum
  • Old Grog
  • Planters Punch
  • Pure Jab
  • Pure White Rum
  • Rum Lemon
  • Rum Sorrel
  • Rum Punch
  • Special Dark
  • Spicy Rum
  • Superior Light
  • White Ball

Grenada is a beautiful island and has something for everybody. If you come to visit this piece of paradise, be sure to visit us here at Petite Anse Hotel and Restaurant.  See our website for more information. Contributed by Joanne Daubney.

(Lead photo is of the old Westerhall Plantation Rum Distillery water wheel. Shot by Dave Russel of

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