Life On A Rock drops today, Blue Chair Bay Rum launched on Sunday and I’m preparing a Kenny Chesney Costa sunglasses giveaway–I’m really glad you Castaway’s love what Chesney is all about because there’s a lot of cool things coming out of his camp right now.

Let me quickly fill you in a little about this past Sunday’s Blue Chair Bay Rum launch party. Yes I was there, but we were told not to take photos out of respect for Kenny. They had professional photographers there and we will be able to use those photos. So more to come when those photos are available. In short the rum was fantastic, Kenny was there shaking hands and the cocktails were damn good. They really hit the spot on that hot Orlando day. Again, much more to come when the photo become available. Now let’s shift gears from rum to music!

Life On A Rock

Any time when one of your favorite artists puts out new music it’s a reason to celebrate. Today is the official launch day for Kenny Chesney’s new album titled Life On a Rock. Last week they made the album available to stream on iTunes, so I’m sure many of you probably have listened to the album a couple dozen times already like I have. What do you think of it?

If you haven’t already, you can buy Life On A Rock by clicking the link below.
Download Life On a Rock Here

Life On A Rock is a collection of songs that reflect on Kenny’s life in the Caribbean and the characters he meets along the way. Many fans were waiting for another “island record” from Kenny, well slip your flip flops on and lather on the SPF 50 because this is it.

Honestly, I love it. The songs take the listener away to another place, a place where time stand still and all that matters is the island beauty that surrounds you and the people you care about most.¬† The music causes memories of island trips past to flow to the surface. Like in the song “It’s That Time Of Day,” it’s all about that feeling you get when you’re leaving a place where you just had the time of your life, you sit back, take it all in and reflect on the day and the surroundings. In the song Kenny reflects on a day on Jost Van Dyke, traveling across the sound as the sun falls from the sky and the calmness it brings. Powerful feelings for any island lover.

It’s hard for me to pick favorites, but if I had to choose I’d go with When I See This Bar, It’s That Time Of Day, Life On A Rock and Marley. Here is a list of all the tracks.

Life On A Rock Tracks

  1. Pirate Flag
  2. When I See This Bar
  3. Spread the Love (feat. The Wailers)
  4. Lindy
  5. Coconut Tree (with Willie Nelson)
  6. It’s That Time of Day
  7. Life On a Rock
  8. Marley
  9. Must Be Something I Missed
  10. Happy On the Hey Now (A Song For Kristi)

Download the album and let me know which songs are your favorite. I’m eager to hear what you guys think.

Loving having new music for the beach/chill playlist!



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