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Sandals and flip flops, they are the symbolic announcement that  summer time has arrived. You slip into a pair and you can’t help but feel more relaxed. Sandals are just like any other type of footwear, you have nice ones, dirty ones, ones you wear to the beach and ones you go walking in. Today I want to tell you about a new pair of sandals I got that fill another gap, they casual everyday utility sandal. Am I just making up categories now? Maybe!

I was sent a pair of Bokos sandals a couple weeks ago and have been wearing them around getting a feel for them. Trying to see where they would fit as far as use goes. At first glance I wasn’t super impressed, but after wearing them a little I found all types of situations they are perfect for. I love wearing them around the house, short trips around town and after the gym. They are simple and feel great on my feet. I would compare them to Crocs as far as comfort but don’t look as ridiculous.

bokos sandals

Here is the story behind Bokos Sandals.

Bokos was created by two brothers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending time overseas, they returned to the United States with sandals styled similarly to Bokos. The unique design and material made for a durable, easy to clean, and a fun to wear sandal.

The founders began wearing these sandals everywhere. Around the campsite, after mountain biking, hosting barbecues, and everything in between. Soon, friends and family (and often, strangers) started asking how they could get a pair – to wear to the beach, after a workout, or just to wear around the house.

It was then that Bokos was born.

We created Bokos for people like us, people like you. People with too much to do and not enough time.

Whether you’re a camper, cyclist, hiker, surfer, shopper, or gardener, Bokos are made to keep up. The one-piece design gives superior durability and versatility and makes Bokos easy to clean, anti-odor and anti-slip.

So that’s the low down from this new sandal company. I’m happy to help support a product that I believe in and I think you guys would enjoy. I wouldn’t be writing about them if I didn’t think there was a benefit. If you are looking for a simple, do everything sandal then check out Bokos. You’ll probably catch yourself wearing them more and more like I have.

Cheers to another pair of sandals for the collection!


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