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Going to a concert to see your favorite musician perform is an experience that you will likely remember for a long long time. If you are attending a Jimmy Buffett show you are likely joined by 35,000 other Parrotheads, all wearing their signs, fins and coconut bras. Get’s me excited just thinking about it. Traveling to see a Buffett show is something that many of you reading this do as an annual event. Event being the appropriate term indeed.

But what if you were to watch Jimmy play and it wasn’t an event. What if you were to stumble into a beach bar some place in the Caribbean, sand still sticking to your toes, and you find Buffett sitting on a barstool in the corner playing his classics acoustic?

At first you hear the music but assume the guy in the corner is covering Buffett. You head to the bar to grab a rum punch but the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up and you don’t quite know why. Your subconscious has picked up on the fact that this is no cover song, but you brain is slow to react. You take your first sip and turn your gaze to the musician in the corner. After coughing and nearly dropping your drink you realize that the old barefoot guy strumming the 6-string in the corner is noneother than the master storyteller himself, Jimmy Buffett.

I think seeing your favorite musician perform in an intimate setting like this would be a dream come true. The “pinch me” moment of a “pinch me” moments. It would be all about the moment, about the music, and not about the “event” like a large concert is.

This situation can happen, Buffett has been known to play a couple tunes at some of his favorite hang out spots in the Caribbean and around the world. I found this video of Buffett playing two classics, Boat Drinks and Volcano for a few people at what I think is the Sugar Bay Resort on St. Thomas.

At first it’s hard to tell exactly where he is, the description in the video doesn’t give any information. The on the video helps though. Morningstar is a boat charter company out of St. Thomas. Then Buffett changed up the lyrics towards the end of Volcano and said, “Sugar Bay” which is a resort on St. Thomas, so I’m just assuming. The video was uploaded in March of 2013 so I’m guessing this recently happened as well.

For me this would be something epic that I would remember for the rest of my life. Oh what I would have given to have stumbled into that beach bar and found the one and only JB sitting in the corner strumming away.

Have you found yourself in a situation like this? Have you caught one of your favorite musicians giving an impromptu concert for just a few folks at a bar? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!



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