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Several months ago I wrote a story about the Beach Bar on St. John being for sale. I received a ton of emails and comments from all you STJ lovers, mostly saying how owning the Beach Bar would be a dream come true. I agree with you, it would indeed.

I want to follow up on that post and let you know that the Beach Bar in Cruz Bay now has happy new owners. Say hello to new owners Joe Cirigliano and sisters Karena and Nikki Kefalas.

The trio were looking to start a new chapter in their lives and decided that owning a beach bar was the reset they were looking for. They searched all over the world, the U.K. Greece, Belize but couldn’t find the right fit. Then one day while searching the interweb they came upon this one particular harbor, Cruz Bay…and it had a beach bar for sale.

The guys that run, the amazing site for all things St. John, were able to talk to the new owners and this is what they were able to find out.

Joe says they heard through a connection that the Beach Bar might be for sale, so they contacted the owner.

“Allan hung up on me five times in a row,” says Joe. “On the sixth call, he said if you really want to buy it, come down here and talk about it.”

The three came down and spent some time incognito to see if St. John and the Beach Bar would be a good fit, then signed the papers and got the keys.

“Allan’s advice to us was clear,” Joe tells us.  “He told us you have two audiences – visitors and locals. They’re both equally loyal and both equally important. Don’t forget that.”

It sounds like the new owners are going to keep the Beach Bar pretty much the same, adding more live music and special events. Both good things in this pirate’s book.

The Beach Bar is special place to so many people all around the world, I’m glad to hear that the bar is going to keep all its charm and flavor. In fact I just bought one of their t-shirts online to celebrate. Can’t have enough Caribbean bar shirts!

Do you have a favorite memory of the Beach Bar, share it with us in the comments below!

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Cheers Castaways!


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