Hope Town in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas has many treasures, one of the most visible is the red and white striped Elbow Reef Lighthouse. A climb up the lighthouse’s 101 steps to to the rewards visitors with a stunning view of the outlying Parrot Cays and Elbow Cay’s enclosed harbor is well worth the effort.

I was able to climb those 101 steps of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse and I strapped a funny looking camera to my head when I did. Watch the video below and you’ll know what it’s like to spiral your way up to the top and get rewarded by the amazing view at the top. You’ll get the view without the sweat and effort it takes to get up to the top! I like to think I’m in descent shape, but my heart was pounding like a drum when I reached the top! It’s well worth it though.

Elbow Reef Lighthouse, Hope Town Bahamas

The lighthouse, built in 1862, is one of the last manual lighthouses in the world.  The lamp burns pressurized Kerosene oil with a wick and mantle.  The Fresnel lenses concentrate the mantle’s light into a beam directed straight towards the horizon.  The lenses and burner equipment, weighing 8,000lbs, float in a circular lubricated tub.  This reduces friction so that the 700lbs of weight, when wound up to the top of the tower by hand, smoothly rotates the 4-ton apparatus once every 15 seconds.  The lighthouse keeper on duty must wind up the weights every 2 hours in order for the red and white candy-striped lighthouse to be seen from 17 miles away.


Hope Town Lighthouse

Hope Town Lighthouse

I want to thank the Hope Town Lodge for hosting my stay. I can’t say enough about this charming island and all the fantastic people. Until next time Hope Town, until next time.

Cheers Castaways!


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