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Bones Rum. Those two words always seem to get a strong reaction on Facebook. Every time I post a photo of a bottle of Bones Rum people from all over the world get excited and leave a ton comments about how much they love the pirate fire water. Count me as a fan as well, especially upon learning and meeting the new owners whom hale from great state of Kansas.

I recently heard from Castaway Lorrie that the Bones Rum location in Cruz Bay, St. John closed. First thing I did was check my go-to St. John resource, to learn more about the closing. Sure enough they had a story confirming the St. John Bones Rum store indeed closed its doors. (Above photo from

I contacted Wayne, owner of Bones Rum along with his wife Cara, to find out more about the closing. I new that the rum brand had a strong following, so I had to find out why on Earth would they would close a great location like the store next to the Cruz Bay ferry dock.

Bones Rum

Here’s what Wayne had to say…

“The real reason we moved out is simply the lease was a horrible lease and Matt (the previous owner of Bones Rum) did the lease.  The lease in St Thomas is not good either and I have gotten it straighten up so far.  I did try to work out something with the St. John property but it didn’t work out.  Like I told the land lord, a lease or any agreement has to be good for both parties and it cant be one sided.  They wanted a one sided agreement and it just didn’t work. Matt did this lease and was paying for the building’s maintenance, taxes, and insurance on the building which was prorated for the space.  I ask the owners several times to give me an offer on the building and that Cara and I would purchase the building and the owners would not do this.  In fact I tried about 5-6 times and they kept saying no.”

Wayne said that business is booming and that they have a lot of big things coming up, which I’m excited to tell you guys about soon. It’s just sad that greed and island politics had to get in the way of something that so many people love.

Bones Rum will continue to reside at its St. Thomas location on the Charlotte Amalie waterfront. Wayne is currently working with real estate agents on St. John and if he can find a good building to purchase he will.

Bones Rum

In the mean time, stop by the Bones Rum St. Thomas location and grab a bottle or three. Trust me, the home stash disappears quickly! I’ll keep all you Bones Rum lovers informed as I hear more.

Cheers to Smooth Rum for the Rough Seas!

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