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Last Tuesday, November 19th 2013, Mishka released his first full length studio album since 2010. Titled, The Journey, this album was put together using the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. This allowed him to have complete creative control to put out an album true to himself.

The Journey is different from his previous albums, it focuses more on vocals and instrumental tones. It does not have as much reggae influence as his previous albums that many of you have come to love. Not all the smooth reggae beats are gone though, songs like Worth The Wait and Love In The Making keep his reggae roots strong and true.

While I’m not totally in love with all the songs on The Journey, one song stands out above them all. In fact it might stand above all his songs from all his albums. That song is titled, “As You Are.” This powerful song features only a piano, lyrics of love and Mishka’s trademark voice. It puts you in a mood words can’t describe. Just close your eyes and slowly sway back and fourth to the smooth rhythm. This song will grab you.

All in all, “The Journey” exposes a new style for Mishka, yet keeps his fans comfortable with his reggae roots. It’s a nice production of strong melodies and lyrics. It lacks a lot of the strong reggae vibe that made us fall in love with his previous albums, but “As You Are” more than makes up for the change in style. Like the album title states, music is a journey and that’s just what this album is, a shift in creative expression for Mishka.

If you’d like to purchase Mishka’s The Journey you can find it on iTunes here.

What’s your take on the The Journey?


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