(A guide to the Dominican Republic by Thomas Cook.)

Are you looking for a postcard-perfect Caribbean getaway for 2014? If so, the dazzling Dominican Republic with its white sand beaches and luscious rainforests could be just the slice of paradise you’re craving. Nowhere else will you such a unique blending of European, African and native Taíno Indian cultures than on this island which neighbors Cuba and Puerto Rico.

With sizzling temperatures of around 30 degrees, striking mountainous terrain, sparkling sand and an abundance of magnificent music, sport and culture to choose from, this is an experience like no other. Colorful painted houses and huts nestle against year-round bright sunshine and tropical blues of sea and sky, while lush, dense rainforest provides a refreshing alternative for the intrepid adventurer to explore. Holidays to Dominican Republic will help you see the world differently!



With scores of world-class golf facilities, the Dominican Republic has a reputation for some of the most idyllic clubs and resources in the sport, favored by former US presidents and golf champions alike.


Capital city Santo Domingo has the highest number of museums in the Caribbean and Central American region, revealing the fascinating history behind the native and colonial influences that have shaped the island.


If you fancy a flutter, there are casinos in abundance, while nightlife in bars and restaurants is thriving – you won’t sleep much if you want to party!

Endless Entertainment

From sunbathing, diving, sailing, and hiking, to shopping, dancing and sampling the varied, exotic cuisine – there is a never-ending supply of entertainment to keep you occupied.

Key Resorts


Located on the south coast, Bayahibe was once a small fishing village but is now a magnet for sun worshippers, divers and adventurers keen to explore its warm water and beautiful shores. White sands are fringed by palm trees and turquoise waters making this place a beach lover’s tropical paradise. With its artificial reef, try out the fantastic snorkeling or take a boat trip to a nearby island. Three shipwrecks to discover, as well as 20 diving sites mean water explorers will never stay dry.


Bavaro is an exceptional east coast resort area with plenty of space on its long pristine sand beaches, backed by coconut trees and lively beach bars. Spend long, hot days sunbathing or relaxing in tourist hotspot Punta Cana with its expanse of luxurious hotel complexes, shopping plazas and golf courses. Windsurfing, kiteboarding, banana boat trips, snorkeling, volleyball – you name it, this place has got it!

Puerto Plata

This vibrant region on the northern coast of this Hispaniola island is an excellent choice to get to grips with the local customs and lifestyle of this diverse nation. Gifted with long stretches of golden sand beaches, green valleys and mountain chains, this place is guaranteed to take your breath away. No wonder it’s one of the most popular Dominican Republic holidays around. Visit the rum factory, wander the old quarter with its colorful painted buildings and ride the town cable car to the top of Mount Isabel del Torres.


Happy holidays!

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