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Seven years ago, our family saw a tough time. My mother was ill and my siblings had to move away for different reasons; one got married and moved away with her husband, and another had to take this tough decision to leave family for a job. Since all of us were closely knit, our mother couldn’t bear all of this, and went into severe depression.

For the first couple of years, she would just spend her entire day lying down on the bed, without uttering a single word. We took her to different doctors and therapists, but it didn’t seem to be working really well. Our life was super disturbed. My elder siblings had moved away, leaving my parents, a younger sibling and me at home. Life became tough; the wave of depression took all of us with it. It was terrible, the visits to the therapists and doctors continued with little improvement.

My mother used to be a lively young lady, she was this amazing homemaker, who would cook delicious meals for us, take care of our needs, listen to our problems, and did everything for the house. My mum was the man of the house. My dad was there too, he has always been there for us. It was in these rough times especially that he stood strong to protect us all.

My dad is a superman, he truly is. He would take care of my younger sister and me; she was in college and I had just graduated then. He had his job to go to, take care of mum, and take care of us, it got all too hectic and exhausting for him. With all the tough times, one thing that was good was we didn’t have any financial troubles. My dad’s earning was way more than sufficient for the entire family.

A Belize Vacation

Following the third year of my mother’s severe depression, I suggested dad that we should probably go for a family vacation; to a place where there is fresh air, fresh food and nature; the doctor said my mum needed a lot of fresh air, a healthy diet and loads of sunlight to recover and feel better. So we looked up for locations that have the perfect mix of all these things – We chose Belize.

It took quite a lot of convincing, struggle, and scolding to take my mother not only out of her bed but also out of the country for a vacation; we finally succeeded. The moment we set our foot on the Belizean land, my father and I looked at each other in the eyes and then to my mother, and we knew it; this IS the place where we have to be. Belize felt like heaven.

It’s simply breathtakingly beautiful, beaches meet the blue horizon, and the greenery spreads as far as you can look. This beautiful Caribbean destination worked wonders for my mother; in only a couple of days she started responding to little things and taking interest in things – saying things such as “this place is beautiful”. This was just a big milestone for us. After years of depression, silence and negative feelings, this, coming from my mum, was a treat for us all – Belize did well to her, to all of us.

The People

Belizeans are amazingly warm and friendly people. The official language is English so it wasn’t hard getting through places to buy food, or search for places. The traditional Belizean cuisine is so delicious, I believe it’s because they used fresh local produce in it. Open markets are found everywhere in Belize; costermongers sell fresh spices, fruits and vegetables, and almost everything really. I guess that’s what’s good about Belize, it believes in simple living.

The coral islands and crystal blue waters of Belize are so awe inspiring, being close to Mother Nature helped us all as a family to feel better, and slowly and gradually feel better. It was the improvement in my mother’s health that my dad decided that we must make Belize our home; I guess it was one of the best decisions he took in his lifetime.

On our trip to Belize, we started looking for residential lots for sale. We looked for a location close to the shore; luckily we found amazing property for sale in the North of Belize near the Corozal Bay. Our tripped ended and we came back home – but only temporarily, because it was time to pack up for Belize.

Moving To Belize

Moving to Belize has been amazing for our family. My mother’s depression is barely there, my sister goes to college by boat; some privileges that you get when living in Belize. My father’s now retired, so he spends some time with fishing, playing golf. My two other siblings visit us often during summer vacations, and we have a splendid time together.

In Belize, I have found peace, tranquility and perfect happiness. I work for a firm now and as the businesses are flourishing in this place, I am not wrong to think I will have a way better job a year of two later. Belize has done its magic.

It has helped us improved our lives, become more healthy, live simpler and forget the tough times we all went through together. It is the perfect destination to make your home.

Belize real estate is booming as many people come here to find peace within themselves and their life. Many properties and lots for sale are available in Belize that are beautifully constructed and offer electric power too.

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