2014 has arrived, a fresh new year to plan island adventures and make new salty friends. I will be traveling to the Caribbean quite a bit this year, bringing you the stories of colorful people, teasing your eyes with beautiful photographs, and creating a few delicious rum drinks. What Caribbean adventures do you have planned for this year? Leave a comment below and tell me about your plans.

This week’s Caribbean wrap up includes a recipe on how to make Conch Fritters, a little rum chemistry, famous Jamaican waterfalls, and uncommon island names. Enjoy the island stories!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

How Much Sugar Is There In Rum?: I hear this question on a daily basis behind the bar.  “I can’t drink rum because is has sugar, and too many carbs”.   Actually, true rum is sugar free.  Rum is turned from a sugar derivative to alcohol during the fermentation and distillation, the final product is alcohol, and it is sugar free.   There is one catch to this statement. – Story by Bahama Bob

How To Prepare Caribbean Conch Fritters: The colorful spiral shell many people buy on their island vacation isn’t just decoration, it was once home to the tasty Caribbean delicacy called conch. Pronounced “conk,” it’s a large sea snail that’s widely used in soups, curry, salads and a host of other recipes. One of the most popular preparation methods is using the meat and breading to make Conch Fritters. –Story by Caribbean.Answers.com

The Most Uncommon Island Names in The Caribbean: In a region as geographically large, historically rich, and culturally diverse as the Caribbean, it’s a given that you’ll come across some rather curious place names from time to time. –Story by Uncommon Caribbean

Exploring Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls: Jamaica is known for many things; reggae music, jerked chicken, amazing beaches, and smooth rum. Another one of the island’s most popular attractions is an awe-inspiring 600 foot waterfall known as Dunn’s River Falls. – Story by Caribbean.Answers.com

Haiti Marks 210 Years of Independence: Haiti celebrated its 210th anniversary of independence on New Year’s Day. The country was the first in the Caribbean to achieve independence on Jan. 1, 1804. – Story by Caribbean Journal

If you would like to include any Caribbean new please leave a comment and link below. Thank you!


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