The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is exporting a form of its annual beverage festival to Boston USA. In a move guaranteed to benefit regional rum and beer producers, the festival organizers, Azure Management Services Inc. of Barbados, have been invited to bring the festival’s unique mix of Caribbean beverages and culture to a ‘World Trade & Heritage Expo’ in Boston USA scheduled for July 2015.

Festival Director Ms. Cheryl Collymore explained, “Over the years we have received a number of invitations to host the festival outside of the Caribbean, including in locations such as Norway and Brazil. We decided to accept the Boston Expo invitation because it comes at an ideal time for our event; we have developed a model for the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival that is effective and we have a strong, experienced event team in place. Our plan is to host the 5th Festival in the Caribbean during 14th-15th of November 2014 and then subsequently to turn our full attention to the Boston 2015 event.”

“When we originally conceptualized the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival back in 2010, our intention was to provide a platform for the promotion the Caribbean’s world class rum and beer; this continues to be our primary objective and we are excited to be providing this additional opportunity to our regional beverage producers.”

Azure Management Services Inc. a Barbados based company, is responsible for the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival. Operations Director Dr. Glyn Williams explained, “Our team has experience of hosting the Festival in Barbados and Grenada. We fully understand what it takes to be based in one country and successfully host the event overseas. This has put us in a fortunate position whereby we are capable of putting on the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in almost any location around the world, the possibilities are endless.”

The previous Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival was held in Grenada in 2013 in partnership with the Grenada Board of Tourism. The festival attracted over 1400 patrons from around the world during the 2 days of the event. (

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  1. Jeremy McDaniel March 17, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    I’m there! Can’t get any more closer or affordable than Beantown!

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    RumShopRyan March 18, 2014 at 8:08 am

    It’s still a ways off, but I’m looking forward to your photos Jeremy!

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