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I have fantasized about Nevis for a long time. A couple years ago during a week long stay on St. Kitts we took a sunset cruise and sailed by its leeward shore, never getting a chance to set foot on the island though. So close, the island’s lush green landscape and towering Nevis Peak teased me like a hard-to-get woman.

Fast forward a couple years and with the aid of the tall ship Sagitta, Nevis would no longer tease me from a far. She would show me what lies upon her beautiful slopes and golden beaches.

We only spent a day on Nevis but I was hell-bent on seeing as much as I could. I turned down a hike up Nevis Peak and went with a circumnavigation tour of the island. I hired Kwame, a cab driver in the main village of Charlestown and we set out to see the sites of this laid back Caribbean gem.

One of the stops on our tour was Oualie Beach, pronounced “O-wally.” Kwame was friendly and informative, but seemed a little reserved. That changed once I bought him a couple beers at Oualie Beach Resort and we got a chance to exchange a few island stories.

The setting was perfect, calm gin-clear waves kissed the shore of this north shore beach while St. Kitts loomed across the narrows. This Island Lime Video gives you a taste of what Oualie Beach was like on this day.

Oualie Beach, Nevis – Island Lime Video

Oualie Beach is the quiet alternative to the more popular Pinney’s Beach on Nevis. I really enjoyed my time here soaking up the super chill vibe and getting to know Kwame. As with most trips time is always short, but I do think Oualie Beach is one place that I’d like to return to and relax away a day.

Have you been to Oualie Beach? Tell me about your experienced and what you thought of this stretch of sand.


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