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What can I say about St. Barts that hasn’t already been said. All I can do is tell and show you about my time on this exciting little rock, but words and pictures never seem to live up to reality. Our ride, the Sagitta, only spent 48 hours on St. Barts, but in that time the island showed me a perspective of the Caribbean I hadn’t yet experienced.

Eww-la-la! I think that’s a good way to describe it. St. Barts is unlike any other Caribbean island I’ve set foot on. Most other islands are all very laid back, easy going, and rural for the most part. They each have their own personalities and special features, but the general tone is all the same. Beat up taxis with dying shocks dance around rough roads, passing rough housing. Cheep beer and cheaper rum fill glasses at rustic beach bars with salt weathered patrons. Generalizing a little, but I’d say most Caribbean islands live up to this stereotype.

That’s not the case with St. Barts.

As you know St. Barts is a French island and is known for its high-end shops, big boats, and is a hideaway for the glamorous sort. The cost of a beer was nearly $7 US and a 10 minute cab ride (was a BMW cab) over the hill to St. Jeans beach was $20. Once you get over the cost of goods and services you’ll start to soak in the island’s unique energy.

Here is a short video of our two days on beautiful St. Barts. The first day we anchored outside of Gustavia, the main city on the island, then the next day we anchored in the Land & Sea Park at Colombier Beach.

The Magic of St. Barts

(Music by American Authors – Best Day of My Life.)

There is just a certain energy this island possesses. True, the St. Barts Bucket Regatta was on island which brought the biggest, sexiest sailing yachts I’ve ever seen into port, which no doubt upped the energy level. Gustavia was buzzing with excitement, especially the night before the race. All the stunning yachts were lit up in the harbor and parties were happening behind each one, complete with live DJs, chic white tents with club lighting, and sexy onlookers. St. Barts definitely had an energy in the air I hadn’t experience on any other island. An energy I could easily get use to, though my wallet would not.

St. Barts

St. Barts

I have several other stories about our time on St. Barts that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. Here are a few photos to hold you over till then!

St. Barts

Sagitta anchored off of Colombier Beach.


St. Barts

Sunset from Gustavia.


St. Barts

A look down the infamous St. Barts airport.


St. Barts

Le Select in Gustavia, a must stop for a cheeseburger.


St. Barts

Overlooking Gustavia.


St. Barts

Eden Rock on St. Jeans Beach.

Leave a comment below and tell us about your St. Barts experience!

This trip was made possible by the good people of Island Windjammers and the beautiful island girl, Sagitta.


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