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Every once in awhile I get a little carried away when collecting items that remind me of the islands. My flip flop collection is out of control and I have ball caps over flowing out of 2 closets. It’s a problem I know, but I can’t help it! I think they call that an addiction right?

Recently my eye has been drawn to stylish island hook bracelets. Oooooohhh, shiny!

A couple weeks ago while browsing the endless universe of Facebook, a certain post by our friends at Rum Therapy caught my attention. It was a photo of a brown leather hook bracelet, one that I hadn’t seen before. My impulse buying mind quickly clicked through to the Rum Therapy site to find out more.

Not only did they have cool unisex hook bracelets, but they also had other unique island style jewelry designs that I knew I had to share with all you Castaways. (I like to share my addictions.)

Take a look at the Rum Therapy jewelry line here. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have to add a piece or two to your collection!

Rum Therapy Island Style Bracelets

Island Hook Braclet

Island Hook Braclet

This Rum Therapy designed Women’s Aqua Charm Bracelet features turquoise colored natural leather with silver adornments, a silver magnetic clasp and your choice of flip flops, tropical fish or conch shell charm. I got pirate girl the conch charm.

Island Braclet

Island Braclet

Island Braclet

Love sharing island inspiration with all of you! Anytime I see someone out in public that has an island hook bracelet on I can’t help but smile. Instant bond and a great conversation starter.


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