It’s Friday, time to exhale and start planning the weekend. Hopefully your plans include a little time on or in some blue water.

This week’s Caribbean wrap up talks about the best beach bars in Provo – Turks and Caicos, new rum from Don Pancho, and a visually stunning video about an island that’s for sale off the southern tip of the Exumas. It’s called Innocence Island and the makers of the video do a great job of delivering island porn to us. My mouth was literally agape as I watched the video. If I would’ve had that winning powerball ticket we’d all be celebrating on this island!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Origenes 8 Year, A New Rum From Don Pancho: Age declarations and dark color don’t necessarily add up to anything in the rum world, but darn it, Don Pancho’s Origenes 8 YO makes for a singularly beautiful rum in my glass. –Story By Rum Connection, Review By Dave Russell

Nine Beach Bars in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos: The chalk-white sands of the Turks and Caicos Islands aren’t just great for swimming, relaxing and lounging around. They’re also blessed with some truly good beach bars, particularly on the island of Providenciales. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Top New Reasons to Visit (or Revisit) Aruba: Aruba is the gift that keeps on giving — no matter how often you visit, there’s a new restaurant to try out, a new attraction to visit, a new corner of the island you overlooked. –Story about Caribbean Travel

Like A Local: Curaçao: This time around our savvy source is none other than Curaçao’s minister of tourism and economic affairs, Stanley Palm. I caught up with the gregarious legislator during a visit to Miami in March, when he graciously shared the scoop on his multi-culti island. –Story by JetSetSarah

VIDEO: Best Island to Live On…And Own?: The biggest privately owned island in the Bahamas is up for auction … starting at $10 million. Its video tour, however, is free. Want more on Innocence Island in the Exumas? –Story by

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