Food, a famous sunken ship, Grenadian beaches, and an epic journey on the Mail Boats of the Bahamas–this week’s Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up has a little bit of everything.

Be sure to read the story about the Bahamian Mail Boats, it’s extremely well written and tells of a powerful tradition in the Bahamas. I’ve added a Mail Boat adventure to my bucket list. Will it be luxurious? No. Will it be fast? No. Will it be cheap? Yes. Will it be a grand adventure? Most definitely yes.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

These Caribbean Islands Have the Best Food: You thought the beaches were nice? Wait ’til you try the food. These are the Caribbean islands with the most delicious food offerings, according to our discerning readers. –Story by

Wreck off Haiti may be Columbus’ flagship Santa Maria: Is a sunken shipwreck off Haiti the long-lost remains of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ flagship from his first voyage to the Americas? –Story by

9 Great Beaches in Grenada: Beaches have their own personalities. Some beaches are just plain easy, while others are more complex. Indeed, some of the best beaches are harder to find and more difficult get to. But once you’re there, the rewards are far greater. The beaches in Grenada are like that —-some are easy to find and enjoy and others are a bit more remote — but well worth the effort. –Story by

The British Virgin Islands vs. the US Virgin Islands: one more peaceful; the other more exciting. One more laid back, resplendent with unspoiled snorkeling and dive sites, the other with land attractions that’ll entertain kids and keep adults well within comfortable range of rum. Both have unique histories, and both have sparkling beaches. –Story by

Bahamas by mail boat: Can this unique tradition survive?: Mail boats are the life-support system of the Bahamas. They serve communities, such as Ragged Island, that are too remote or small to receive sufficient airfreight. The vessels are privately owned family concerns that supplement government-awarded mail contracts by running cargo. They also take on board paying passengers. –Story by CNN Travel

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