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Beaches, like people, have personalities. Shoal Bay beach on the island of Anguilla has a sparkling personality, one I fell in love with as soon as my eyes took in its beauty.

Anguilla was the first island we sailed to during a trip on the Sagitta of Island Windjammers. We arrived in Sandy Ground for sunset and marveled at a few of the stunning yachts that floated nearby. We passengers were still getting to know one another, but the rum infused Sagittaritas and beautiful scenery quickly lubricated the wheels of friendship.

Chef Lenny prepared a mouth-watering dinner and sounds of reggae and soca floated through the air, emanating from one of the beach bars that calls Sandy Ground home. Our first island and our first night, Anguilla was starting things off right.

Then next morning we dingy to shore and climb aboard a bus. The destination…Shoal Bay.

We arrived to the magical beach and everyone staked a claim on beach loungers that were scattered about the sand. I shared a spot next to Harry and Bonnie, but there was no time to relax, work had to be done. I assembled my camera gear and set out to explore and get to know the “personality” of this beautiful beach.

Here is a taste of what Shoal Bay on Anguilla is all about.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla – Island Lime Video

Picture gin clear water that dazzles with a dozen shades of blue. Picture deep soft white sand that your feet sink into with every step. Picture a perfect beach and you’ll be picturing Shoal Bay.

At nearly two miles long, Shoal Bay is Anguilla’s most popular beach when it comes to tourists. It is home to a few beach bars, two of which I was able to visit and do a little rum punch sampling.

The first was Uncle Ernie’s BBQ. It’s a simple brightly colored beach bar that serves BBQ, burgers, hot dogs and drinks from an ordering window. It’s ultra casual and easy on the pocket book. The second beach bar I hit was the Madeariman, located right next to Uncle Ernie’s. This bar and restaurant is more upscale with a nice stone-built bar and plenty of dining tables to enjoy a relaxing meal on the beach. My fellow shipmate John and I enjoyed a couple beers, a rum, and good conversation at the relaxing Madeariman.

Madeariman Beach Bar Shoal Bay Anguilla

Madeariman Beach Bar and Restaurant


Uncle Earnie's Shoal Bay Anguilla

Uncle Ernie’s BBQ

It was an incredibly relaxing day spent on Shoal Bay and time to moved way too fast. Island time definitely doesn’t apply when you’re having a great time.

The time came to say goodbye to Shoal Bay. While my fellow passengers took the bus back to Sandy Ground, I hung out and waited to meet up with Nori of Anguilla Beaches. She and I were going to hit up a couple other beaches and beach bars. A little Anguillian tour if you will.

Shoal Bay was indeed enchanting, magical, and any other superlative you can imagine . Walking its shores felt like a warm hug. Leaving it felt like leaving a good friend, one you know you won’t see for a long time. That was the “personality” that Shoal Bay showed me, what did it show you?


Shoal Bay Anguilla

Working hard on Shoal Bay.


Shoal Bay Anguilla

Just a simple Castaway.


Sagitta group Anguilla

Fellow Sagitta passenger ready for out trip to Shoal Bay!


Anguilla yacht

This is the yacht we were anchored next to at Sandy Ground. Wow!


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