I have to give thanks to our friends at No Shoes Radio for this great song.

Headphones on, eyes staring at the screen, and fingers taping away at the keys–it’s easy to fall into a trance in an office job. The sweet tunes of No Shoes Radio often help me get through the day.

A couple weeks ago I heard the song, “Virgin Islands Nice” by an artist called Pressure. The song instantly struck a cord in my Caribbean heart and I downloaded it from iTunes immediately.

The next step was to see if there was a music video. There was and it was amazing! Beautiful visuals of the USVI filled the screen as the sweet reggae beats of Pressure told the story.

Here is the video so you too can feel the vibe.

Pressure – Virgin Islands Nice

Blessed with a smooth, melodic voice and an impressive innate writing ability that can capture a story like no other, Pressure is poised to dominate the Reggae audience around the world.  Called Pressure by virtue of the hard times and daily struggle we all face, this artiste is dedicated to consistently deliver a message to teach the people through his music.

Born Delyno Brown on August 5, 1981, Pressure was exposed to music at a young age due to his father being a member of a popular local band. He started playing drums and trumpet at age 9, but it wasn’t until age 12 that he developed a passion for singing.

He rose to popularity in the Virgin Islands and in regional and national reggae circles as a member of the Star Lion Family reggae group, a group of young men that brought several V.I. communities together through their music. The group was in high demand and they opened for top acts such as Capleton, Buju Banton, Bunny Wailer and Junior Reid among others before splitting.

Enjoy the island music Castaways!


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