It seems like this week’s Caribbean Wrap Up is all about the U.S. Virgin Islands. I didn’t set out to do it like that, but when I went in search of this week’s top stories, the USVI rose to the top.

There’s a great live video of reggae artist Pressure preforming his song “Virgin Islands Nice” for a studio audience. Then there a new beer by the boys at St. John Brewers that I really want to try. Think they will ship? Finally I have to mention the Castaway Beach Bash that is happening this August 14-17 at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on St. Thomas…everyone is invited!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

International Reggae Artist Pressure Performs “Virgin Islands Nice” On the Wendy Williams Show: USVI Reggae Artist Pressure, performed “The Virgin Islands Nice” on the Wendy Williams Show where over 12 million viewers were tuned in at mid-day. –Story by

St. John Brewers Launches New Brew: Island brewing company St. John Brewers launched its new Small Batch Series line last week with the release of bottled Amber Ale, to be sold for a limited time exclusively in the Virgin Islands. –Story by News of St. John

You’re Invite to the Castaway Beach Bash on St. Thomas: Join me, RumShopRyan, and other Castaways for a fun filled 4 days at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on St. Thomas. The event will be filled with lots of entertainment, beach time, rum, and a day sail to St. John. We are celebrating National Rum Day with either a distillery tour on St. Croix or a beach day on Jost Van Dyke! Details and booking here.

Cruising Over Caneel Bay: We have another amazing video for all of you this weekend. It’s another cool one from IrixGuy – this time’s he’s flying high above Caneel Bay and Honeymoon Beach. –Story by News of St. John

Captain Morgan 1671: Captain Morgan adds a new limited edition spiced rum to their popular spirits lineup. –Story by

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!