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It’s time to add another jam to your ISLAND playlist. This week’s song is called “Your Rays” and is by the UK’s Caribbean duo, the Lutenants.

“The greatest form of sustenance remains the most neglected aspect of our existence. We bask in its warm glow failing all the while to realize that without the sun, there would be no us.”

Deep and thought words by the group, ones that ring true for people all over the world. I think that’s why reggae/Soca, or Caribbean music in general is so powerful, it connects people with deep meaning of struggle, equality and love. That’s something that touches us all.

Hailing from St. Lucia & Dominica respectively, the pair formed a solid bond and partnership in the wake of acknowledging their mutual passion for their Caribbean culture and infusing the distinct sounds into the UK market. Their journey started back in 2008 with the release of their first Soca Single ‘West Indies’, Lutenants seemed to amass huge interest in their talented performances, harmonious lyrics and collaborative tone.

Your Rays by the Lutenants

You can download the song here: Your Rays – Lutenants

The team is determined to distribute their music across the channels and convincing the world that Urban Caribbean music, UK Soca, is a sound to be respected and enjoyed beyond the UK carnival season. Several of their tracks have created much of a stir within the Europe & the Caribbean, with such hits as ‘Push Back’, ‘Confusing Whine’ & ‘Betray’ to name just a few. Their music has stretched from the UK to France, Germany, Trinidad and Dominica, creating a worldwide buzz that is dying to know just who Lutenants are. ‘Season after season the responses to the releases have been growing, we’re very happy with the progress’ says the Dominican Flawless.

While seemingly going from strength to strength, from performing at Europe’s biggest carnival, Notting-hill on numerous occasions, to being placed third in the ‘UK Soca Monarch’ competition, nothing excites these guys more than placing themselves in studio and creating a new vibe on a riddim. ‘I think we work so well together because we understand that we are not doing this for money or fame, but purely for the love of the genre & culture, and also our dedicated fans’ says the St. Lucian Fresh.

The ingenious pair’s work ethic and devotion to their music is illustrated through the quality & quantity of their releases, and with energy and such humility, there seems to be no end in sight for Lutenants, with aims firmly set on becoming internationally renowned artists who live in, and represent the UK to the utmost.

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I hope you like the song as much as I do.


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