Do you love Barbados? Are you planning a trip there soon? Do you frequently visit Barbados and like to help others? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Bimoo app is a must have for your iPhone.

Castaways please welcome Bimoo (pronounced By-moo) to the RSR family of advertisers.

As always I’m very selective on which companies I let advertiser. Only the products or services that are Caribbean focused and ones that I think you would benefit from make the cut. Bimoo, the all-in-one Barbodos app definitely makes the cut.

Bimoo is a free app but it’s much more than just a standard destination information service, it’s more like a social network for people that love Barbados. Bimoo believes that visitors and locals are in the best position to help answer your questions about the island.

Barbados Information

Bimoo is a boutique social network specially design for visitors to Barbados to quickly establish deep, meaningful connections with others whom share a common love of the island.

Benefit from the discoveries of others who are currently living the Barbados dream, as well as those like you, who still believe that a vacation is about exploring the unknown, one moment at a time.

Not familiar with Barbados? No problem! By exploring the app you will constantly build familiarity with your surroundings and soon discover your way across the 11 parishes from St.Lucy in the north, to Christ Church in the south.

Want to connect to ask a burning question? Have a tip or review to offer? Create your island persona and share with others without inhibition.

If you love Barbados then please download Bimoo and give it a test drive. It’s free and I think you’ll love it. Thank you again for supporting the RSR family of advertisers!

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