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What can I say about Nevis that hasn’t already been said . It’s is the quintessential Caribbean paradise that has graced the covers of countless travel magazines. It has a tall looming volcanic cone, lush tropical rainforest, beautiful beaches, and friendly people–what more can one ask for.

Oh, you want monkeys? Yeah, Nevis has those too. It also has killer bees, but they don’t fly through the air.

Nevis was a stop on our cruise aboard the Sagitta of Island Windjammers. We first arrived and anchored outside of Charlestown, the main settlement on the island. There we cleared customs and perused the small shops in town. Charming, colorful and friendly.

Charlestown is also the place I hired a guide to give me a fantastic round-the-island tour, but that is a story for another day. This story is all about Pinney’s Beach!

In the early afternoon Captain Nervo pulled anchored and moved Sagitta just a little north of Charlestown, right off the shore of the picturesque Pinney’s Beach, or what the locals call Sunshine Beach.

Called Sunshine Beach because of the popular beach bar there called Sunshine’s Beach Bar. I’m sure you might have heard me mention it a time or five before. It’s like Cockleshell Beach on neighboring St. Kitts, which is refereed to as Reggae Beach after the popular Reggae Beach Bar there.

Here is a what Pinney’s Beach looked like the day we were there. Soak in the sounds, the views, and the colors, then imagine yourself there right now. (Make sure to make the video HD, the picture becomes amazing!)

Pinney’s Beach (SunShine Beach) – Island Lime Video

The time at Pinney’s went too fast. I think the Killerbees and good company had a little something to do with that. I bellied up to the bar in Sunshines and took in the surroundings. Over three hours of laughing with my shipmates, browsing the photos on the wall, and sipping the infamous killerbee rum drink. I was completely and utterly happy. If a rock would have fallen from the sky and crushed me right then and there, the world would have been right with me.

I think about Pinney’s Beach often, closing my eyes and imagining the warm brown sand under my feet, Nevis Peak standing tall behind the brightly colored exterior of a place they call Sunshine’s. Oh how I dream of a return. Nevis I miss you.


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